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Husband And Wife Radio Show!
Available for YOUR station!

Just wanted to let you know the first week of the John & Heidi show was a success! I received some listener emails that were very positive. They enjoy your show content and topics. I am very pleased with the show and the flow of the show. It has integrated into my programming very well.   -   Travis  (Illinois)

John Small & Heidi Braunschweig (now Small) met in 1999 when John moved to a small town in Iowa to help launch a new radio station. About five months after moving there he met Heidi and the world has not been the same since.  Married since 2000, the Smalls began this radio show ten years later in 2010.  John actually started his broadcasting career in 1994, but this radio program started when the couple launched their own radio station in South Dakota and their friends encouraged John to have his wife Heidi join him on the radio. It was very different to have a MARRIED COUPLE do the morning show together. Sometimes that's a great thing.... other times it can be weird since they are so "comfy" with each other on the air!  What started on one station, then went to two stations now to dozens of stations across the nation.  

The John & Heidi Show is available to both commercial and non-commercial stations with no monthly fee (just one minute of barter per hour, during their show only, they also have non-com plan). The program is available to AM stations, FM stations, LPFM stations and even online radio stations. If you'd like to hear the show in YOUR area... please tell your favorite local radio station about us! Just send them to this page and we will try to do the rest! We do our best to make it EASY for them!

John & Heidi Small have been blessed with two amazing kids and two dogs. Their son Troy and their daughter Taylor. (The dogs... Mandy & Miley... pretty much just hang around the house)

The John & Heidi Show PODCAST started in 2015 to allow potential radio affiliates the chance to hear a FULL SHOW whenever they want to listen, rather than some "best of" demo reel that most shows give you (then the ACTUAL show is nothing close to the demo) John and Heidi do NOT mention the podcast on the radio (their stations may frown upon that) but they do mention the radio on the podcast.... because at the end of the day... they are RADIO people! ;-)

The John And Heidi Show is on local radio stations all over the nation. AM, FM, LPFM & Internet Stations. We'd love to add YOUR radio station too! We have many awesome radio station affiliates in SD, IA, NE, KS, AL, TN, TX, OH, PA, NY, FL, KY, CO, AZ, DE, CA and we're adding more every week!

Call us at 605-728-3170 or email for more information.

John and Heidi offer this radio program to small radio stations all over the country in exchange for barter ads, but some of the smallest stations are non-commercial stations and can not run barter ads. Sadly, these stations are the ones that need the help the most. John and Heidi have decided to help them by offering the John And Heidi Show with NO MONTHLY CHARGE to all small non-commercial stations. Your small contribution can keep this option available forever.